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The Top 10 Halloween Cakes

Jack-O-Lantern Cake

Are you trying to make a Halloween cake for your Halloween party? Do you want to impress your guests while exploring your creativity? If yes to all of the above, you are in for a treat! We have for you the Top 10 favorite Halloween Cakes!

Halloween is a perfect holiday to get crazy creative in all shapes and forms! Your meals should be no exception to the rule!

Homemade Jack Skellington Cake

Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas is now a classic 3D film, many Halloween fans watch. All you need for this amazing cake is to make a standard cake recipe. Use fondant to make Jack’s dog ‘Zero’. Use food coloring on the cake. Individual cupcakes go wonderful with this cake. Check out the cake here.

Bleeding Heart Cake

This will definitely have your guest talking! You can easily make an entire thoracic cavity cake. Make each organ a different kind of cake, so that a different color of fluid will come out of every piece you cut.

You can use raspberry, strawberry, kiwi, mango and blueberry sauces!

The heart can be an orange cake with raspberry sauce. The lungs can be apple spice cake with strawberry sauce. The kidneys can be orange cake with blueberry sauce. The stomach can be ginger cake with mango sauce. The liver can be chocolate cake with kiwi sauce. The small intestine can be a jellyroll with red currant jelly. Read the recipe here.

Zombie Finger Cake

This is a Grand Marnier Flourless Chocolate Cake. The cake has a rich and delicious taste. The chocolate glaze is flavored with the same liqueur. Read the recipe here.

For more top 10 recipes read this article from Endlessimmer.com.

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