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Over the past 20 years, Garrison Catering has been providing great catering services to Baltimore Catering, Washington DC Catering, Philadelphia Catering, Fairfax and all of Maryland.

Our decades worth of continual service should speak to quality of our work. We know customers have individual needs, and no two customers are the same. We feel quite confident that we can cater to your specific needs regardless of what those may be.

Our Services Include:

  • Professional Staff: With so many years worth of experience, we know that there are a few things customers expect, one of which is an affable and professional staff.
  • Custom Menus: We understand that no two customers are the same, and with that, their needs are different as well. Depending on the type of function you are hosting, there will be an array of food options and combinations available to choose from. Making customizing your own personal menu an easy task.
  • Special Presentations: If an honorary or award service is the expected event, than there had better be some food to commemorate it. There is no better way to honor something than by having a feast, and a feast is what is deserved.
  • Full-Service Liquor License: Besides offering a wide variety of foods, we offer an equally wide variety of alcoholic beverages.
  • Carving Stations, Pasta and Raw Bars:
  • Gold Trimmed Chaffing Dishes:
  • Array of Stemware and China:
  • Mobile Kitchen with Refrigeration:
  • On Site Grilling, Interactive stations, Frying, and Sauté:

Ask about our rentals!

Garrison Catering can make your special event memorable. We cater for Weddings, Corporate events, Special events, social events & much more. Our menus are the finest around with everything from exotic custom cuisine for formal events to simple barbecue sandwiches for a company picnic.

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